The New and Improved Thieves’ Guild

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Elections, News, Politics
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The election is over.  Triumph is in the air.  The enemies of freedom have been vanquished!  So shall the media squawk now that our annual selection of pickpockets and muggers has been completed.  There is change in the ruling class.  There is new hope.  There is an optimistic possibility of avoiding the impending disaster that has been created by our previous succession of organized criminals in the halls of power.  Or could it just be an illusion?    

The new representatives of all that is great and wonderful about democracy will have their opportunity to put up or shut up.  In evaluating their resolve, be sure to watch their actions as they prattle on about how they are fighting for this or that wondrous and moral thing on God’s green Earth.  If they preen and preach but take no fundamental action the emperor’s clothes will be on display for all to see.

What to expect is that the new members will push and shove for attention for their owns private wars on government spending of some kind or another.  They will not attack the overwhelming bulk of the problem made up of Social Security, healthcare, and international offense (the military budget).  They will have some small victories and cut spending a few billion here and there, but they won’t steer away from the iceberg clearly visible on the horizon.

The reality is that there will be no legislation passed that will cut off the troughs from which the various voting and manipulating constituencies gorge themselves.  The thieves will continue taking more and more from the future by borrowing, devaluing our currency, and spending with wild abandon.  Why not?  They’ll only be here for a few years.   The crack up will happen on someone else’s watch.  They’ll have extracted their personal benefit and changed nothing in the government institutional culture of denial in Washington.

For the Tea Party to have really achieved something, it must overcome the institutional stagnation of government.  A simple start would be for the Congressional House to pass a bill that repeals Obamacare when it comes into session.  The bill would have little chance of passing the Senate and no chance of avoiding a Presidential veto, but it would make a statement to the people of the country that the Tea Partiers are serious about righting the ship before Captain Smith sails it straight to its doom.

Look for the Washington Thieves’ Guild and Congress to continue to allow the banking industry to destroy the economy via its cartel management crew at the Federal Reserve.  Look for munitions and aircraft industries to continue to benefit from war with a tactic that our own fledgling nation used against the British during the Revolutionary War.  Look for the Homeland Security police state to continue to grow and strangle individual liberty in our own country while seeking to “protect us from those bad people over there”.  Look for people to haggle over governments priorities in spending  instead of the fact that the bear is chewing its own leg off to get out of the trap that it is caught in.

And look for the flock of sheep known as the American people to continue to accept their deprivation because they don’t want to take responsibility for their own care and safety like the good victims they are.

Copyright © 2010, Jim Blandford.  All rights reserved.


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