Select Your Thief Today!

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Elections, News, Politics
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November 2nd.  Election day.  Today is the day all good citizens go out and proclaim (in complete and utter secrecy) who they want to be governed by.  Today two wolves and a sheep decide what’s for dinner.  Today we endorse theft on a monumental scale, to the tune of 50 percent of our income.  Today we select our armed public robbers, er, servants.    

We are rewarded, if our candidates are elected, by watching our ideas espoused by someone who receives the spoils from our public theft agent.  We gloat over our victory.  And yet, in the end, we, too, are being shorn, stewed, and stolen from as well.  Happy!  Happy!  Joy!  Joy!

This is the world of democracy.  A group of people hires an agent selected by a majority.  The agent uses the local armed government thugs to steal from everyone and disburse the rewards to the favored few who have curried favor with the victor prior to the election.  As H. L. Mencken put it, elections are an advance auction on the sale of stolen goods.

Remember your commandments from school and church?  Thou shalt not steal.  We have to modify that in a democracy.  Thou shalt not steal, unless you are the government.  Thou shalt not kill.  Thou shalt not kill, unless you are the government.

We, by our voting, advocate the actions of a headless group to do whatever it can with no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences.  By claiming that “we” voted for it, we therefore deserve it.  But say that someone voted for the alternative, they still must be subjected to the idiocy of the victors.  In fact, by voting, they accept the system that purports to speak for all of us when it has no possibility of achieving that.

We must remember as well that the state (the government) does nothing with the voluntary consent of its governed.  It relies solely on coercion, at the point of a gun if necessary, to achieve its ends.  There is no choice.  There is no negotiation.  There is no freedom.

In the private world these types of decisions are made voluntarily.  People who don’t advocate a decision do not participate.  Likewise they do not force their choice on others.  If a choice is not relevant for some, it is simply ignored.

For example, public schools forcibly steal their revenue from all citizens, whether the citizen uses the service or not.  People are forced to subsidize the education of other people’s children.  Elderly people are forced to pay for schools instead of for their own food and housing. Education is the responsibility of parents, not of every person in society.

If people choose not to have kids so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labors, they should be left to their own concerns.  No one should have to pay for other people’s responsibility in the action of giving birth and raising children.  To say that someone must do so condemns that person to slavery because they are no longer recipients of the rewards of their labor just as blacks were before the Civil War.

Remember that government can do nothing without first stealing from someone in order to achieve its ends.  We can and should vigorously reject this kind of misappropriation and the purported good that goes along with it.  The glorious ends that our politicians profess can never justify the despicable means with which they achieve them.

Private theft is immoral, not to mention illegal.  So is public theft.  Send your elected thieves to jail today before they send you.

Copyright © 2010, Jim Blandford. All rights reserved.


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